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Wedding Trends for 2022: What You Need to Know

With this in mind, we’ve put together some of the top wedding trends for 2022, and what couples are going for before, during and after their ceremonies this year. Will you be implementing any of these ideas into your celebrations?

Online Wedding Dresses

Now more than ever consumers are favoring online purchases over in-person shopping experiences. The flexibility of buying products online has given people the power to be more efficient. Buying wedding dresses online is the latest trend that gives brides the ability to save money and find top-quality dresses. As a bride, you want to find the perfect wedding dress and accessories for your special occasion in the most effective way possible.

Elegance is the key to the wedding ceremony. Devotion Dresses offers a vast variety of wedding gowns, as both, traditional and modern dresses can be characterized as elegant. With our dress on you will walk down the aisle with the utmost grace and feel like the Queen on your special day.

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Themed Parties

Now that most of us are vaccinated, wedding parties (including bachelor/bachelorette parties) are well and truly back on the cards. However, make no mistake: while the humble rehearsal dinner is a mainstay, 2022 is all about exciting themed parties that will live on in the memories of your guests for years to come.

Some of 2022’s most popular themes include outdoor woodland festival chic, crazy circus performer costumes, rhinestone rodeos and mysterious masquerade balls. Which will you choose to kickstart your celebrations?

Wedding Guests Turning Out in Style

While everybody likes to get dressed up and feel good about their appearance at special events, it seems like guests are prepared to go the extra mile this year. In the absence of social events over the past two years, many wedding attendees are using the romantic celebrations of friends and family to push the envelope style-wise. Think tuxedos, dresses worthy of the red carpet, fascinators and glamorous jewelry.

Silver Celebrations

Gold and silver often trade places in terms of what’s en vogue, and in 2022, silver is definitely in. Silver touches can bring some old-world charm to even the most contemporary of spaces, and brings a quaint, understated feel to proceedings. If you’ve got to choose between the two, make it silver in 2022!

Virtual Save-the-Dates

Virtual save-the-dates seemed like a practical idea back in 2020. With so much uncertainty about whether events would go ahead, digital RSVPs seemed to be the way forward. During the pandemic, there was a real honesty to using online save-the-dates, as it meant not having to fork out for round after round of custom stationery when it became clear that events might not go ahead as planned.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that communicating with guests in real-time makes wedding planning a whole lot easier. There’s a real sense of gratification when sending virtual save-the-dates, especially when receiving notifications that your most treasured friends and family can respond to straight away.

In addition to this, digital save-the-date notices are environmentally-friendly: something we should all strive to be. If you’re looking to inform guests of your upcoming wedding date, don’t go through the rigmarole of mailing out bespoke cards – get online and bring your wedding organization into the modern age.

Making a Weekend of It!

2022 appears to be the year of the weekend wedding. Forget a simple church wedding reception followed by dinner – it’s time to make the most of your time with loved ones and enjoy a weekend of celebrations!

Lots of weddings in 2022 are encompassing welcome parties, rehearsal dinners and daytime activities (such as hiking, rafting or sports) before the main event – with a “retox” scheduled for the day after the night before. This allows guests to enjoy a variety of different scenery, and to almost turn your wedding into a mini-break that will never be forgotten.

Hanging Florals

Like silver touches, hanging florals are another wedding trend that tends to come and go every couple of years. In 2022, flower displays are definitely in. Think large installations suspended above tables or even from the ceiling to the floor. Why not put some natural color in your wedding this year with hanging florals?

Speciality Bar Choices

If you’ve got a penchant for a particular drink – from craft ale microbrews to authentic tequila – why not share your love of liquor with your guests and arrange for a specialty bar containing limited-edition alcohol? It’s a fun way to put part of your personality into proceedings, and your guests will love to party while imbibing on a selection of your favorite beverages.

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Open Air Tents

Bringing a bohemian vibe to your big day is no bad thing. Many of us have become more suited to open-air environments over the past two years, and open-air tents are proving popular for wedding parties as a result. With a tent, your guests can enjoy a cool breeze while simultaneously being protected from the elements – and it also provides a focal point that offers something different to standard wedding venues. If you like the idea, now is the time to book, as tents are going to be hugely in demand come summer.

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