What to say when you propose?

Everyone wants their proposal to be thoughtful, sincere, emotional and overall perfect. But how do you have this perfect moment with all the stress and worry that this important day inevitably brings? The answer is easy – you need to prepare. Just like you don’t wing an important presentation at work, you can’t wing a proposal. Even though a proposal is much more personal and emotional than anything you do at work, it still needs to have some good content, a well thought out structure and a good flow, and you can get those things right only if you prepare in advance. Plus, having a good script of your proposal will help you feel a lot more calm and collected on the big day.

Don’t sound too rehearsed when proposing to your girlfriend

While preparing your proposal speech in advance is important, you don’t want to overdo it. Stay away from chiches and proposal scripts from the internet, and don’t simply write out every word of your speech and memorize it – it will make you sound insincere and a bit robotic on the big day. Instead, write out the main points of your proposal speech and memorize them, this way your proposal will be structured but natural.

Don’t hesitate to be emotional during the proposal

While the society often tells us that men shouldn’t show their emotions, you shouldn’t listed, especially on your big day. Your future bride will most definitely shed a few tears of happiness, so what’s wrong with you doing the same if you want? Whether she has seen this side of you before or not, she will appreciate your sincerity.

Talk about the past during your wedding proposal speech

One of the best ways to start your wedding proposal is to talk about how your relationship started and the moment when you knew that the woman you’re proposing to is the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Even if it was during a quiet, seemingly insignificant walk in the park, she will love to hear about the time when you realized that she is the one.

Describe what you love about your future wife

Take a moment to talk about what exactly you love in your girlfriend, the more specific you are, the better. It can be her intellect, kindness to others, patience, fun-loving personality or virtually anything else that you can think of. It’s also a great idea to talk about how your future wife has changed you for the better. Have you become a kinder, more adventure-loving person? If so, tell her about it!

Look to the future in your wedding proposal

When you marry, you promise to spend the rest of your lives by each other’s side. What will that future look like? Are you excited to have children together, travel the planet or make the world a better place together?

Ask the big question

After you’ve talked about your past, present and future, it is now the perfect time to ask the big question. Simply get down on one knee, ask the question and get ready to spend your lives together.

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