What to wear to prom

What To Wear To Prom

A prom is probably one of the most important and exciting events in a young girl’s life. Alongside celebrating a new chapter of your life, we can all agree that a prom dress is what makes your prom night unforgettable. Years later, when you share your pictures with your friends and loved ones, you want to look absolutely stunning, so no wonder why girls are stressed about finding a perfect dress.

Shopping for a prom dress can be daunting, therefore you should definitely consider the guidelines and the pre-set dress code of the event. Usually such events have a strict formal dress code, but some of the schools decide on certain themed parties or have a black & white color code. In 2018, classic and elegant floor-length dresses are still highly popular, but unlike in previous years, upcoming prom queens prefer bold colors over rather traditional pastel tones.

Create a bold and memorable look, and don’t be scared to experiment with colors!

– xoxo, Lilly

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