Where to buy an engagement ring?

When it comes to engagement ring shopping, we want it all – the best prices, the widest selection and the highest quality. Luckily, there are lots of places that sell engagement rings. But how do you choose one that has the best combination of price, quality and variety? Here’s our guide to all the places that sell engagement rings to help you choose the best option for you.

Buy an engagement ring from a national jeweler

One of the most common places where people buy engagement rings are nationwide jewelry chains. With these stores, you get a familiar name, huge selection and lots of financing options. Some chains even offer diamond upgrade programs where you can trade-in your stone for a bigger one in a few years. The downside of these chains is that everything there is made to make you buy a ring – even the lighting is done in a way that makes the ring look its best, so make sure to bring the stone close to a window to see how it looks in real life.

Check out engagement rings at trunk shows

If your town has some local jewelry stores, check in with them for a schedule of trunk shows. These events are great for seeing a huge selection of engagement rings from different designers. Plus, there are often offers and discounts that can help you find an affordable and beautiful ring.

Order a custom-made ring from a private jeweler

If you know exactly what kind of ring you would like to buy or if you are set on getting a one-of-a-kind custom-made ring, a private jeweler might be the perfect option for you. Plus, getting a custom-made ring often costs less than buying a ring from a jewelry store chain, so there’s another advantage here.

Buy an engagement ring online

When it comes to shopping for an engagement ring online, it can be a great option if you are smart about online shopping. Online vendors sell a variety of engagement rings and loose diamonds that you can take to a jeweler to create a custom ring. Plus, rings and diamonds sold online are often cheaper than those at brick-and-mortar stores. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, you may end up with a lower quality stone, so you need to carefully check official clarity grade ratings and watch 360-degree videos of the ring to make sure that there are no visible imperfections in the stone.

Visit Diamond District when shopping for an engagement ring

Often times people are worried about buying jewelry from Diamond District because they feel like they might get ripped off when it comes to the price or quality of the stone, but this perception is false. Most Diamond District stores are very small operations that rely heavily on referrals and repeat customers for their business, so they will work with you to find the best option for your budget. Additionally, they can often create a ring that looks just like one from a designer’s collection for a fraction of the price.

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