Who pays for what at a wedding?

Who pays for what at a wedding?


Learn who is supposed to pay for the wedding, what the groom’s family pays for and what the bride’s family is supposed to pay for. Your guide to wedding finances. 


You know that weddings are expensive events and as you are about to plan your own you probably have thought of who pays for the wedding. Traditionally, the bride’s family was supposed to host the event and pay for all the expenses. Nowadays, it’s more common that the couple should pay their own expenses, especially if they have lived together for some time already. Of course, parents often want to pitch in but those contributions should be negotiated with the couple according to willingness and ability. However, there used to be traditional splits of the expenses, which are also important to understand to plan the wedding bills properly, especially if your parents are willing to participate in paying for your big day.  


Who is supposed to pay for the Engagement Party?

Although it’s not a requirement anymore, the bride’s parents traditionally pay for the engagement party, however anyone can host it. It’s nice to hold this kind of event before the wedding, so you can meet all your guests and officially announce the engagement. 


Who Pays for the Engagement Announcements?

There is a tradition of sending the engagement announcements to local newspapers, which is also an expense that the bride’s family is responsible for. If the groom’s family is from another area, then the bride’s family should make sure with the groom’s parents if they want them to pay the engagement announcements in their local paper too. 


What Does the Bride Pay For?

Traditionally the bride’s family would pay for all the wedding planning expenses, including the engagement party and sending out the engagement announcements. Her family would also cover the costs of bride’s dress, floral arrangements, transportation to the wedding day location, photographer fees, travel expenses of the officiant and the bridesmaids, and all the other wedding day expenses. The bride would also purchase a ring and a present for the groom. 


Who Pays for the Wedding Reception?

The bride’s family is responsible for hosting the whole ceremony and making everyone feel welcomed. Traditionally, they would also cover all the expenses and make sure everything goes smoothly.


What Does the Groom Pay For?

The groom’s first expense would be an engagement ring. His family is then responsible for holding a rehearsal dinner and buying corsages, gifts and boutonnieres for immediate members of both families. The groom is usually expected to pay all the official fees during the marriage registration. He also pays for the honeymoon as for the first big expense of the couple’s new household. 


Who Pays for the Rehearsal Dinner?

Usually the groom’s parents are responsible for organizing and paying for the rehearsal dinner. This event shouldn’t be bigger than the actual wedding and they actually should pay for the evening that they feel okay with. 


What Else Should the Groom’s Family Pay For?

It’s very personal for each wedding. Sometimes the groom’s family pays for all the alcohol or all the floral expenses. You should work out your own plan of who pays for what.

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