How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech

How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech

Get tips for writing a maid of honor speed for your best friend. Find the perfect maid of honor speech outline here to help you write an amazing speech. 



So your best friend is getting married and asked you to be her maid of honor, of course. You might be excited for the lots of fun stuff that is coming up – planning a wedding, helping your friend with the dress choice, organizing a bachelorette party, and, of course, writing the maid of honor speech. It might scare or excite you as you will have to face a public speaking performance. The future spouses might ask you to deliver a speech during the reception or the rehearsal dinner. But before delivering the speech you would have to write it. The best maid of honor speeches usually take a lot of time and effort to write. So here are some tips for you to make this process easier. 



First of all, try not to procrastinate to the last day before the wedding and start writing your speech at least three weeks prior to the official date. You have to take your time, gather all your thoughts and put them in the best order. You can’t do it on the last day. Moreover, you will probably be stressed. If you feel like writing – do it, if you feel overwhelmed with emotions about your friendship at some particular time – don’t hesitate to add something to your speech. Free writing is what can make your speech going. After that you will need to put all your thoughts in order – so this is an example of what your MOH outline can look like. 



Maid of Honor Speech Outline


1. How to start a maid of honor speech?

In the beginning it would be wise to introduce yourself and mention your relationship with the couple. Probably say some words about how wonderful the wedding is and thank everyone who helped to plan it.


2. Now it’s about you and the bride

So after all your expressions of gratitude it’s time to get personal. Maybe talk about how you met the bride, how long you have been friends. If it’s not a story to tell consider talking about a particular moment during your friendship, when you felt a special connection with each other. Make it entertaining but sentimental. 


3. Talk about him

The next thing in your bridesmaid’s speech should be a smooth transition to her and her husband. Talk about how they met each other, how she felt about meeting him, how they decided to get married. No matter how you feel about your friend’s partner, keep a happy face on and act positive. 


4. Get sentimental about their love story. 

Talk about how their relationship got on the next level. If you knew them both for a long time it can work even better. Maybe mention how their feelings developed over time, how they were falling in love. But make it entertaining and tell stories. 


What you shouldn’t say in your maid of honor speech 

It’s all about your BFF so don’t say anything she wouldn’t want to be public. Don’t say anything about divorces. You should be sweet and sentimental but never drunk. Keep it short to keep everyone’s attention. Your words should be sincere and come from your heart. Overall, it’s your best friend’s day, make her feel special.

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