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Racerback Racerback wedding dresses for classy and sexy brides

When choosing a wedding dress, most brides try to find the perfect balance between sexy and classy. Indeed, with so many things to juggle in a wedding dress, it can be hard to strike the perfect balance - you need to consider the silhouette of the dress, its length, train, neckline, back style, fabric and more. Most brides want to feel sexy and elegant at the same time on their big day and a racerback wedding dress can help you strike the perfect balance between the two.

Advantages of a racerback wedding dress

One of the main advantages of a racerback-style wedding dress is that it allows you to mix sexy and elegant without going overboard on one. This is the perfect back style for when you want to show off your back but youre not comfortable with an open-back wedding dress. Additionally, a racerback wedding gown can help you feel cool if youre getting married on a hot summer day, as it is a lot more open than a typical full-back wedding dress. Another huge advantage of racerback wedding dresses is that they give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to the types and styles of bras that you can wear with the dress, which is ideal if youre not a fan of sticky cup bras that dont have straps or a back or if your bust is too large for these bras. Plus, if you want to wear a wedding dress with an open back but dont want your guests to see scars on your back, a carefully chosen racerback dress can help cover those up and make you feel confident and beautiful.

There are very few disadvantages that come with racerback wedding dresses. One of these disadvantages is that if youre planning on getting married in a church and your church has a very strict dress code for weddings, you may not be able to wear a racerback wedding gown.