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Blue Velour Velour wedding dresses for winter weddings

Whenever you see beautiful wedding photos, it seems like they were all taken in warm weather. Indeed, many brides dream of having a spring, summer or fall wedding, but what about winter weddings? A winter ceremony can be incredibly gorgeous but one of the things that scare many brides about winter weddings is, of course, the weather. All of us want to look stunning on our wedding day, but theres a widespread myth that you cant look as beautiful at a winter wedding as you would at a spring or summer ceremony. Luckily, this is simply not true! You can look absolutely gorgeous no matter how cold the weather is during your ceremony. This simply comes down to selecting the right wedding dress. Of course, if youre getting married in winter, you may not be able to select an open-back wedding dress or a short gown for your wedding, but outside of those limitations - youve got limitless options. And one of the best ways to ensure that youre warm on your wedding day is to choose a wedding gown made from the right fabric. For instance, velour is one of the best choices for warm winter wedding dresses.

What is velour and why is it perfect for wedding dresses?

Velour is a thick, plush fabric thats similar to velvet. Velour fabric is usually knitted from cotton, polyester or other synthetic materials and the knitted structure of the material allows it to stretch, which makes velour dresses extremely comfortable. This material is even often used to create dresses for dancers, so you can really rock the dance floor on your big day in a velour dress. Velour fabric has also a very rich feel to it, so a velour dress can look incredibly luxurious, especially if you add colored velour elements to your wedding dress.