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Cotton Cotton wedding dresses - simple and elegant gowns

If you have never been a fan of big and poofy wedding dresses or gowns made entirely from lace but instead liked simplicity and minimalism, then a cotton wedding dress can be a perfect choice for your wedding. Wedding dresses made from cotton are often simple and have more of a down-to-earth feel to them. But this doesnt mean that cotton wedding dresses cant be beautiful - they are usually extremely elegant without being pretentious. If your dream wedding involves taking photos in the field filled with wildflowers and having your ceremony in a rustic setting in the countryside, a cotton wedding dress is a great choice that will match the atmosphere and style of your wedding perfectly. Its best to choose cotton fabric for long, flowing wedding dresses with beautiful draping or a layered skirt.

Advantages of cotton wedding dresses and gowns

Wedding dresses made from cotton have numerous advantages. First of all, they are a great choice for summer and spring weddings since the fabric is lightweight and breathable, so you can feel comfortable and cool in your dress no matter how hot it gets. The cotton fabric also absorbs moisture very well, so you wont need to worry about feeling sweaty on your big day. Plus, moisture evaporates from cotton very quickly, so your dress wont get too moist. Finally, cotton fabric has a great price point, so you can save a significant amount of money by choosing a cotton wedding dress. Plus, bridal gowns made from cotton are rarely decorated with lace, rhinestones, sequins and other embellishments that add to the price of the dress, so cotton wedding dresses are generally significantly cheaper than similar dresses made from different fabrics, richly decorated with lace and rhinestones.