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Jacquard Jacquard wedding dresses for sophisticated brides

As a bride in search of a wedding dress, youve probably already looked through thousands of wedding dress photos in search of the perfect dress for your wedding day. Indeed, when shopping for a wedding dress, there are a lot of things to consider: you need to think about the silhouette, the back style, the neckline, the train, the waist and decor of the dress, and on top of all that, you need to find a fabric that will be suitable for the dress you want. If youre considering choosing a full-length gown in an A-line silhouette or something similar to it, take a look at jacquard fabric as one of the options for your bridal gown.

What is jacquard fabric like?

If youve ever been to a fabric store, youve probably seen jacquard fabric but simply didnt know what its called. All jacquard fabric is decorated with some sort of pattern. The main feature of the jacquard fabric is that the pattern is incorporated into the fabric instead of being printed on top of it with dyes. Additionally, jacquard fabrics come decorated with a variety of patterns, not simply a specific traditional pattern, as the term jacquard refers to the way the fabric is created rather than the specific motif. Jacquard fabric can be made from lots of different materials, including cotton, silk, polyester and other natural and synthetic fibers.

Since jacquard fabric is usually quite thick and stiff, this type of material is most often used in A-line gowns and long, floor-length wedding dresses. A huge advantage of jacquard fabric for a wedding dress is that the fabric is already decorated with a pattern, so you dont need to spend as much money on decorating the dress with beads, rhinestones and sequins. Additionally, jacquard fabric is available in a countless number of patterns and in some cases, the pattern is even raised above the fabric, creating an unusual effect.