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Polyester Polyester wedding dresses - a beautiful choice
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    Congratulations on getting married and starting all this wedding hustle! Now you are probably very busy planning your future wedding and deciding on all the stuff you need to plan, buy and do. This cant be easy but its a nice hustle, isnt it? As a little girl, you have probably dreamed about your big day. Maybe you have even planned everything since your third-grade sleepovers. What about the wedding dress? Do you know which one you are looking for? Have you chosen the style yet? But most importantly, have you thought of the dress fabric yet?

    Polyester - a wonderful fabric that gets a bad rep

    Maybe youve heard some bad things about polyester, lets be honest, it doesnt have the best reputation these days. People usually associate it with the polyester suits of the 70s, which werent of the best quality. However, polyester has come a long way since then and today's polyester is of a much higher quality. By the way, do you know that most of the modern-day fabrics are made of polyester to some degree? For example, duchess satin is polyester blended with a bit of silk, taffeta is also made of polyester and the well-known bridal satin, which is the most popular wedding dress material, is in fact made of polyester. So dont be so opposed to the inevitable material, it is used more often than youd think and it looks good.

    Advantages of polyester wedding dresses

    Polyester is a man-made fiber, usually a generalized term for any fabric or textile made of polyester yarns or fibers. High-quality polyester can be a perfect choice for your wedding gown, especially if youre on a budget - any type of a dress can be made out of polyester, they are affordable, have a decent feel, hold the shape very well, dont shrink and can be dried very quickly. The material is very long-lasting, which is very good if youre planning a long wedding or want to wear your dress on other occasions later as well.

    Polyester is the most affordable material for wedding dresses nowadays. It also works for all season weddings, no matter whether youre getting married in January or June.