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High neck High neck wedding dresses for every bride

For most brides, choosing a wedding dress comes with numerous difficult choices that they need to make - after all, there are so many gorgeous dresses that if we could, we would get married in all of them! But alas, life is not fair, so you can only choose one gorgeous wedding dress to wear down the aisle. But how can you choose? There are so many different fabrics, decorations and styles? Here at DevotionDresses, our goal is to make your choice as easy as possible, so in this article, we will tell you all about high neck wedding dresses and why it might be a great choice for your special day.

What is considered to be a high neck wedding dress?

Theres no clear standard for what a high neck neckline should look like. However, a traditional high-neck wedding dress should cover your chest and collarbones entirely. From there, the dress can go all the way up your neck, or it can simply stop just above the collarbones - its all up to your preference. If you want to wear a high-neck wedding dress but still want the dress to show off your figure and make you feel sexy, choose a gown that has thin, intricate lace covering the chest, neck and shoulders. This way, the dress will cover the skin but not obscure it, creating a sexy, yet elegant bridal look.

Who should wear high neck wedding dresses?

A high-neck wedding dress is a great choice for brides who want to draw attention away from the chest and want to accentuate the face. High neck dresses do a great job at creating a sense of refinement, modesty and innocence around the bride, which is ideal for church ceremonies. While high-neck wedding dresses can look good on any bride, women with long and angular faces should choose high necklines that run up the neck, while brides with round faces should choose a dress that covers the collarbones but doesnt continue up the neck to avoid drawing extra attention to the full face shape.