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Square Square neckline wedding dresses
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    What is a square neckline?

    A square neckline looks exactly what it sounds like - it is a square-shaped cut-out in the top part of a dress that has straight lines going from the chest to the collarbones, forming right angles with the bottom line of the neckline and framing your chest in the shape of a square.

    Why do brides choose a square neckline wedding dress?

    One of the most popular reasons why women choose wedding dresses with a square-shaped neckline is that its a great way to show off your chest and draw attention to your bust without revealing too much of your cleavage. Square necklines are particularly popular with plus-sized brides and brides with a large bust, as they can keep your bust in place and prevent it from spilling out of your cleavage like it often happens with V-neck dresses and other necklines that show off your cleavage. Instead of drawing attention to your bust in an obvious way, square neckline dresses highlight your neck and collarbones.

    Who should choose a wedding dress with a square neckline?

    There are several groups of brides who can benefit greatly by choosing a wedding dress with a square neckline. First of all, a square neckline effortlessly helps to make your neck appear longer and widen your chest, so if you have narrow shoulders that youd like to make look wider - look no further than a square wedding dress. At the same time, if you have a pear-shaped figure, a square neckline will help to balance out the heavy bottom of your figure, making your silhouette appear more elegant. Finally, this neckline works extremely well for brides with a large bust, as it can help the dress appear a lot more modest and it helps to keep your chest in place throughout the day, leaving you free to dance and move around without worrying about possible accidents.