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Straight across Straight neckline wedding dresses - find your dress today!

Choosing a wedding dress can be incredibly simple if you take time to become familiar with different styles, cuts, necklines and fabrics and evaluate your figure honestly, or it can be incredibly complicated, if you simply go into the process blindly. This is why we, at DevotionDresses, make it our mission to provide you with the best factual information about all the different wedding dress silhouettes and neckline styles to help you find your perfect wedding dress with minimal effort. Today, we will tell you all about wedding dresses with a straight-across neckline and why you should choose this dress for your wedding or generally for your wardrobe.

What do dresses with a straight neckline look like?

The name of the neckline type is pretty descriptive here - a straight-across neckline simply runs across the chest in a straight line just above the bust. This neckline style is fairly simple, but it can be very elegant and dazzling. One detail that you need to remember when looking at straight neckline wedding gowns is that this neckline almost always goes together with a strapless design of a dress, so if youre set on buying a dress with a straight neckline - be prepared to go strapless on your special day.

Why should a bride choose a straight neckline wedding dress?

If youre looking for a simple and elegant silhouette in a wedding dress, a straight-across neckline bridal gown can be an awesome choice. This neckline style together with a strapless design of a dress accentuates the neck, shoulders and arms of the bride, making a straight neckline wedding dress a favorite of athletic brides who want to show off their toned arms and shoulders. At the same time, a wedding dress in this style is a great option for brides who dont want to show a lot of cleavage without looking too modest, as a straight neckline doesnt accentuate the bust but it doesnt hide it too much either.