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What is a jewel neckline?

A jewel neckline is an elegant and modest neckline that creates a soft, rounded line above the collarbones. The origin of this necklines name comes from the fact that it was first created to show off the jewelry - necklaces, richly decorated with jewels, would rest on the fabric of the neckline, with the fabric highlighting the beauty and sparkle of the stones and precious metals.

Who wears jewel neckline dresses?

If youre a fan of dresses with a jewel neckline, then youre in great company! For many decades this neckline style has been a favorite of many women who are considered the perfect example of class and grace. For instance, both Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis often chose dresses with a jewel neckline for their wardrobe, and the trend is still going strong today, as the jewel neckline is one of Michelle Obamas favorites. If you want to feel as classy as these former first ladies or an iconic movie star on your wedding day, then a wedding dress with a jewel neckline is a perfect choice.

How should I wear a jewel neckline dress?

As you might imagine, jewel neckline bridal dresses are ideal for brides who love to accessorize and want to show off their jewelry on their big day. Since the fabric of a dress with a jewel neckline extends above the collarbones, its best to choose a necklace that falls just below the collarbones instead of a longer one. The classic choice here is a sophisticated string of pearls that falls just below the collarbones - an accessory like this will instantly elevate your entire look.

One thing to remember about jewel necklines is that they are not the best choice for brides with a large bust. Since the fabric goes up the chest quite high, a large chest can appear even larger than it normally looks, creating a disproportionate silhouette.