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Picking a wedding dress is difficult enough - you have to choose the neckline, the fabric, the train type and length, the back style and many more things. But one thing can be quite easy - choosing the length of the dress. No matter what neckline, waist style or fabric you choose, you cant go wrong with a floor-length gown for your wedding day. After all, floor-length wedding dresses are a classic choice, thats hard to argue with. However, not all floor-length wedding dresses are the same: you can easily choose a gown that just barely touches the ground, leaving you free to move around and dance without any problems, or you can choose a show stopping wedding dress that trails behind you, making you feel like a real-life queen.

Pros and cons of floor-length dresses

As mentioned above, one of the main reasons why floor-length wedding dresses are a timeless classic is that this length looks great on virtually any body shape and size. Plus, floor-length gowns look elegant and chic no matter what back style, neckline, waist type or material you choose for the gown. Specifically, floor-length wedding dresses look great on plus-sized brides with a large bust, as they balance out the silhouette, adding harmony to the entire look.

One of the only disadvantages of floor-length wedding gowns is that they get dirty very easily, especially if the gown has a long train. This is why most of the time, floor-length wedding dresses are chosen by brides who have indoor weddings - this way the bride doesnt need to worry about the hem or train of the dress getting dirty before the reception is over. However, you can work around this tradition. For instance, if your wedding ceremony is outdoors but the reception is indoors, it shouldnt stop you from wearing a floor-length dress, as the gown probably wont get dirty in the time you spend walking around outside.