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Its probably impossible to find a person who doesnt know that weddings are insanely expensive - the average wedding price tag is 30,000 dollars! While having a grand wedding with hundreds of guests is extremely important for some couples, others would rather try to have a budget wedding and spend the money they save on a house downpayment or on a childs college fund. One way to make your wedding cheaper is to find an affordable wedding dress - after all, the average wedding dress price in the US is about 1,250 dollars.

How to find an inexpensive wedding dress?

The first step to finding a beautiful and cheap wedding dress is to know what the price of a wedding dress is made up from. There are a lot of things that go into it: a wedding dress can be cheap or expensive depending on the silhouette, fabric type, decor, brand or designer who created the dress, etc. For instance, if you want to find an affordable wedding gown, you need to be willing to compromise and choose a dress from a cheaper brand instead of a well-known luxurious wedding dress designer. At the same time, a wedding dress made from silk or handmade Chantilly lace will cost a lot more than a bridal gown made from polyester or tulle. Similarly, the more decor you want your wedding dress to have, the more money you will need to spend on it. The silhouette of the wedding dress also has a great effect on its price, for instance, a ball gown wedding dress uses a lot more fabric than a sheath or mermaid-style bridal gown, so the former style will cost more, on average, than the latter.