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Choosing a wedding dress isnt just limited to choosing a dress style. Once you are over that step, you have to decide on many other things. For example, what fabric do you prefer to wear for your big day? Some believe that satin is an amazing material for a wedding dress. And they arent wrong.

Satin can be made of natural silk or synthetic fibers and can be of different weights. The material uses many layers of fiber, resulting in its high thread count. Satin made of silk is a more traditional choice for a wedding gown, while satin made of nylon looks weightless and adds some extra magic to your wedding day look. The fabric is popular for its lustrous sheen, which makes you look straight out of a fairy tale. It looks good on your body, just find the right silhouette. Whether you are looking for a perfect airy outfit, sexy revealing modern dress or a dramatic ball gown, satin will make any style look amazing.

Types of satin wedding dresses

There are different kinds of satin that you can choose from. You can use duchess satin, Italian satin, slipper or peach satin. Also, make sure that you know how each of these fabrics look before you choose your dress, as when reading dress characteristics, it can become confusing if youre not familiar with the topic.

Duchess satin is what you would typically imagine when talking about satin. The material is made from woven silk or any other synthetic fiber. Its one of the heaviest types of satin with its high thread count and it can look good on dresses for fall or winter weddings. Because the material cant be bleached, silk rarely comes completely white.

Italian satin is a heavier type of fabric, the one that will give your look that antique sheen.

Slipper satin is lighter than all other types of satin, its closely woven texture gives every look a perfect shine whenever light hits it.

Peach satin is a microfiber fabric derived from silk or polyester. On the body, it looks smooth and soft, it is perfect for empire waistlines and column silhouettes.