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  • Pants
  • A-line without décor
  • A-line with décor
  • Sheath/Column
  • A-line
  • Trumpet/Mermaid
  • Princess/Ball Gown
  • Tulip
  • Without train
  • Sweep
  • Court
  • Chapel
  • Cathedral
  • Detachable/Convertible
  • Asymmetrical
  • Natural
  • Empire
  • Basque
  • Drop
  • High To Low
    • Saoirs

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    • Mersayl

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    • Dzholenda

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    • Lilybelle

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    • Reese

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    Wedding dress is like the most essential attribute to any wedding. Every little girl, dreaming about her big day imagines herself wearing a big white dress. Wedding dress production is a separate industry, which has its different fashion flows that change over time. Wedding dresses have come a long way and have evolved alongside women's fashion. Nowadays, there are so many options for wedding dresses of any length available on the market. Thinking of a short dress? Then these are the things that you should keep in mind:

    Advantages of short wedding dresses

    • Short dresses give you a lot of freedom and mobility. Its easy to move in them, walk, dance, sit, be spontaneous and free. Short dresses arent heavy or huge. You wont have any trouble moving around during your wedding.
    • Short dresses are typically less expensive than longer ones. This makes sense as short dresses require less fabric and work. Surely, you can find short dresses that will be much more expensive than longer ones. The pricing mostly depends on the brand. This is just a general rule.
    • A short dress is easier to find than a wedding gown. There are more options available as they are more popular.
    • Short dresses can be worn more than once. They dont look as formal as long wedding gowns do. You can choose a wedding dress that you will later be able to wear to parties, celebrations or even business functions.

    Disadvantages of short wedding dresses

    • Short dresses are less traditional. Dreaming about the wedding you have probably imagined a big wedding gown with plumes and many layers. A short wedding dress might also not be what your parents had in mind when you invited them to the wedding. Although your wedding dress is totally your decision, sometimes it is impossible to have your close ones left out.
    • A lot of people in certain areas tend to go with traditions. So depending on where you live, it might be hard to get a non-traditional wedding dress or find any shoes or accessories that will go with it.
    • Some people might view short dresses as less formal wedding attire and more like your casual outfit, but you dont need to listen to anyone but yourself.