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What is a scoop neckline?

While the term scoop neckline is not as popular as, say, sweetheart or V-neck neckline, youve most definitely seen a scoop neckline dress before. Simply imagine the last time youve eaten ice cream or scooped it out of the container. A scoop neckline looks just like the impression an ice cream scoop leaves in the ice cream container - a gentle, curving cut-out along the neck. A great thing about scoop necklines is that they are very versatile and you can choose a scoop bridal gown with a very modest and conservative neckline, or you can find a wedding dress with a sexy, deep neckline to highlight your bust.

Who should choose a scoop neckline wedding dress?

Scoop neckline wedding dresses are an amazing choice for brides who like the look and shape of the sweetheart neckline but want to choose something a little less revealing. In contrast to the sweetheart neckline, a scoop neckline always leaves your shoulders covered with fabric, allowing you to aim for a more traditional and modest look on your wedding day.

Which wedding dress silhouettes look best with a scoop neckline?

There are no hard-set rules about the silhouette of a wedding dress that you should choose together with a scoop neckline. This is because a scoop neckline looks amazing with virtually any wedding gown silhouette you can think of. Brides often choose a sheath silhouette to go with a scoop neckline, as this creates a wedding dress that radiates sophistication and polish.

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