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    When it comes to choosing the back style of your wedding dress, there are many choices to select from: you can choose a daring open back dress to show off your sexiness on your wedding day, you can choose an illusion back dress to flaunt your back while keeping the dress elegant looking and modest, or you can go for a criss-cross back to add a fun twist to your wedding dress. Another wedding dress back style is full back. Although today full-back wedding dresses are not the most popular choice, there are many reasons brides love these dresses and choose them for their big day. Here are our top reasons why you should choose a full back wedding dress for your big day:

    Choose a full-back wedding dress for a winter wedding

    If youre getting married in winter, you want to look beautiful, but you also probably want to feel comfortable and avoid catching a nasty cold. This is where full-back wedding dresses come in - when you choose a full back bridal gown, you can be sure that you wont have to shake in the cold while taking your wedding pictures.

    Choose a modest full-back gown for a church wedding

    Even though some brides want to look sexy on their wedding day, others want to find a more modest gown that will be suitable for a church wedding. In this case, full-back wedding dresses and modest necklines are a perfect choice. You can also opt to take the royal route and select a dress with full lace sleeves to add even more class to your look.

    Use a full-back wedding dress to hide scars

    For some brides, choosing a full-back wedding dress is the easiest way to feel confident and beautiful on the most important day of their life. If you have scars on your back that youd like to hide, choosing a full-back wedding dress is a perfect choice - in a full-back wedding dress guests wont even know that you have anything to hide on your body. However, you shouldnt feel like you have to hide your scars, as they can be beautiful symbols of your strength and resilience - just take a look at the dress Princess Eugenie wore on her wedding day to show off her back scars.