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Semi-Sweetheart Semi-sweetheart wedding dresses for romantic brides

What is a semi-sweetheart neckline and how is it different from the sweetheart neckline?

A sweetheart neckline is one of the most popular neckline styles in wedding dresses and evening gowns and youve most definitely heard of it and seen it. The neckline of a sweetheart wedding dress looks just like the upper part of a heart - the rounded arches cover the breasts, while the V-shaped center of the heart falls between them. But what is a semi-sweetheart neckline? A semi-sweetheart neckline is very similar to the style of a sweetheart neckline, but the V-shaped part of the dress is not very prominent. In fact, in many semi-sweetheart wedding dresses, the V is barely noticeable. Instead, the top part of the bust is highlighted with soft arches to create a sweet and incredibly romantic look.

What brides should choose a semi-sweetheart wedding gown?

A semi-sweetheart neckline does a great job at highlighting the brides neck, arms and shoulders, so if you want to accentuate these features in your figure, go for a semi-sweetheart wedding dress. At the same time, this neckline is very universal, so all brides can wear it no matter the size or body shape. The semi-sweetheart neckline pairs extremely well with wedding dress silhouettes that closely hug the figure. For instance, a mermaid-style wedding dress with a semi-sweetheart neckline will do a great job at highlighting your hips, waist and bust while remaining incredibly sophisticated and not too revealing. Generally, a semi-sweetheart wedding dress is a good option for brides who love the sweetheart neckline but dont want to show off too much of their cleavage in the V-shaped cutout between the breasts that most sweetheart wedding dresses have.