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    Does a V-neck neckline always have to be revealing?

    While you may get confused when you hear about bateau or scoop necklines, a V-neck wedding dress is known to virtually every future bride. The logic is simple - as long as the neckline cut of the dress forms a V-shape, it falls under the category of a V-neck gown. This means that V-neck wedding dresses can be low-cut and sexy but at the same time, they can be quite modest, so if you dont want to show too much cleavage, you can still choose a V-neck wedding dress.

    Who should choose a V-neck wedding dress?

    Since V-neck wedding dresses are extremely versatile, virtually any bride can choose a V-neck neckline dress and feel beautiful in it. At the same time, this wedding dress style is perfect for emphasizing your neck and face, as it draws attention to the center of your torso. If you would like to make your shoulders appear narrower, elongate your neck and make your torso seem slimmer, a V-neck neckline is an amazing choice. At the same time, V-neck wedding dresses are not the best choice for brides with a large bust, as with a low-cut V-neck, you might end up showing much more cleavage than what youre comfortable with. Alternatively, a more conservative V-neck cut can make your cleavage look a little bit saggy, which is something all brides try to avoid.

    What accessories to choose with a V-neck wedding dress?

    V-neck bridal gowns are one of the best options for highlighting your jewelry. The V-shaped neckline of the dress does a great job highlighting whatever necklace you put on. The only requirement is to choose an accessory that doesnt interfere with the neckline. Its best to choose a necklace that either falls above or far below the V-shaped neckline.