Organza long sleeve wedding dresses


Years later, we are still in love with Kate Middleton’s full-lace sleeve bridal look. Sleeves have been around for quite a while and have been serving their purpose from a modest coverage to a stylish detail to this day. There is no question about the importance of this feature in wedding dresses, and its versatility in length, fabric, and décor became favorite among wedding dress designers and their customers.
The length of the sleeves can complete the outfit by adding the modest element to it. Lightweight butterfly sleeves gently grazing over the shoulders are perfect for a fresh and romantic touch to a stunning dress. Add a little in length and a bit of frill, and channel the Boho look with a pair of romantic ruffled sleeves. The ¾ sleeve is a sophisticated and classy addition to any gown. It can be perceived as an accessory of the dress, as it gives an exciting and unique touch to the gown.
Its smart length accentuates your feminine frame and leaves room for an original finish in the mid-forearm. A full-length sleeve is an excellent option for coverage as well as jaw-dropping effect. With your slender arms highlighted and your outfit straight off the bridal runway, full-length sleeves can be jazzed up in a plethora of ways to have you looking your best as you make your way down the aisle.
Make your look enchanting and out-of-this-world by selecting mesh fabric sleeves to get a hint of mysteriousness and set the canvas for the most delicate of embellishments. Thanks to the exquisite mesh and masterfully-applied decor, the coverage has never looked so stylish. Or follow in Kate’s footsteps and rock a full-lace sleeve and bring out your inner Duchess.

Long or semi-long, sleeves can take a dress and fill it with a whole new vibe, discover our fabulous collection of long sleeve wedding dresses below!