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One Shoulder Wedding Dresses
    • Dorianna

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    • Allyn

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    • Joel

      3 colors
    • Gertina

      2 colors
    • Aurora

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    • Sybil

      2 colors
    • Jade-Rose

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    • Lorinet

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    • Rae

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    • Davia

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    • Alstronia

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    • Albina

      6 colors
    • Hettie

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    One-of-a-Kind One Shoulder Wedding Dresses

    Showcase your sophistication and sense of individuality with a one-shoulder wedding dress. This unique collection of one-shoulder wedding dresses offers a gorgeous variety of options for brides who are searching for a simple way to stand out on their special day. We also provide an awe-inspiring array of accessories that will perfectly accentuate a wedding dress with a one-shoulder style. From our Devotion Dresses team to you, we hope you find your favorite one-shoulder wedding dress style today. And if you're unsure, please book an appointment so we can help.

    One Shoulder Wedding Dresses

    Accentuate the delicate curve of your neck and shoulders and hold yourself with the utmost elegance in a one-shoulder wedding dress. The ever so stylish neckline shows off your delicate frame, and its unique tailoring is sure to stand out. Not only does its design bring out your feminine figure, but also your perfectly sculpted shoulders. Thanks to the diagonal lines this type of neckline brings attention to all the right places, and its versatile designs make it perfect for virtually any kind of wedding. Get that one-shoulder going with décor as the possibilities are endless, florals are a bridal-must have and fill your look with romance. Going for a sleeker and dazzling look? Add beads and sequins and you’re ready for the red carpet. Add some sparkle to that asymmetry and be a bride for the books! Show off your arms and keep things simple yet elegant with a sleeveless version and make your way down the aisle looking and feeling like a lady. A designer favorite sleeve-no sleeve will have you slaying those wedding pictures.

    Getting Ready for the Big Day

    Mesh is a good way to make any wedding gown all the more alluring, swap that fabric shoulder for a mesh one and let the sheer detail show off your feminine frame. Mesh is perfect all on its own, or with a wide range of embellishments, take your pick! This neckline goes perfect with any kind of skirt, pair it with a sheath-cut skirt and you’re rocking the all-time Grecian favorite, the weightless fabric and purity of line will make you every sculptor’s muse. The fuller princess gown combined with this neckline shows off your waist and gives a new take on the traditional silhouette. Cut the classic because things are about to get asymmetrical!

    One Shoulder Wedding Dress
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