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Silk Silk wedding dresses - the ultimate luxury

When you think about fabrics, theres always one that stands out from the crowd. A fabric that has been synonymous with luxury for many centuries now, a fabric that everyone craves to have in their closet. This fabric is, of course, silk. No matter what kind of dress you want to wear on your wedding day, no matter the silhouette, neckline or length, silk is the ultimate luxury when it comes to wedding dress fabrics and most brides would love to have a dress made from silk.

Advantages of silk wedding dresses

There are lots of pros that come with choosing silk for your wedding dress. First of all, the material is extremely soft and lightweight, which means that you can feel comfortable all day long on your wedding day despite warm weather, dancing and stress that brides often feel on their big day. Silk fabric also dyes and prints well, which means you can choose to have your dress decorated with a stylish print or select a color different than white. Silk is also very durable, which means that you dont need to worry about accidentally tearing your dress.

Disadvantages of silk wedding dresses

There are a few disadvantages that silk fabric has, but the main one that matters when it comes to buying a silk wedding dress is the price - silk is an expensive material and a dress made from silk, while luxurious, can be quite pricey. Additionally, the dress needs to be cleaned professionally, as water can stain it, however, this is not a huge issue because you will only wear your wedding dress once or maybe twice if your ceremony and reception will be held on different days.

To make the most out of your silk wedding dress, choose a lightweight, strapless gown that cascades down to the floor, draping around you and lending a weightless feel to your entire wedding look. Silk wedding dresses pair extremely well with lace veils and accessories, so make sure that you find the perfect pairing to accentuate your wedding dress.