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Guipure Guipure lace wedding dresses - luxury and elegance in one

Every bride wants to feel beautiful and elegant on her wedding day and the wedding dress plays the most important role in creating this feeling. Surely, there are many things that can define the appearance and overall feel of a wedding dress: the length, silhouette, train type, neckline and more. But the fabric of the wedding dress is one of the most important and the most overlooked parts of the bridal gown. Choosing the right fabric for your wedding dress can help you achieve just the look you are looking for, it can save you lots of money and it can help you feel gorgeous and luxuriously elegant on your wedding day.

Guipure lace - one of the most time-honored wedding dress fabrics

When you first start looking at bridal gown fabrics, lace is probably one of the first ones on the list - after all, it is so popular that its used in a huge portion of most wedding dresses that are created in the world. Lace is elegant, chic and luxurious. But did you know that not all lace is the same? There are many different types of lace that differ by material, pattern and the region where the particular type of lace originated. Interestingly, the first mention of guipure lace dates all the way back to 1327 and the fabric was probably produced for a while before this, which means that its one of the oldest types of wedding dress fabrics still used today. Guipure lace is also often called Venetian lace and it is widely known for its dense raised pattern and its lack of backing, which makes the lace look all the more delicate. Guipure lace is perfect for decorating the skirt or train of your wedding dress, but it can also be used in the bodice. This type of fabric is ideal if you want to use lace in your wedding dress, but you dont like the feel and look of a net or mesh backing present in most other lace types.