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Lace Lace wedding dresses

Theres a common saying that you can never go wrong with a classic and this rule applies perfectly to wedding dresses. Indeed, no matter what the current fashion trends are, wedding dress classics are always in style. And one of these timeless classics that you can always count on to make you look and feel gorgeous on your big day is lace. For many centuries women have been using lace to sew their wedding dresses and to decorate dresses made from other materials and today lace hasnt lost its popularity when it comes to bridal fashion. The best thing about lace is that its extremely versatile - there are a dozen different kinds of lace you can choose from depending on your needs and preferences. Plus, lace comes in a variety of different colors and patterns, so you have all the flexibility you need to design the wedding dress of your dreams.

Types of lace fabric for bridal gowns

Choosing lace fabric for your wedding dress can be quite difficult simply because there are so many different types of lace. Theres Chantilly lace - a traditional French fabric often used to decorate illusion backs or necklines. Guipure or Venetian lace is one of the oldest and most coveted types of lace out there. Laser lace is a relatively new material that features 3D patterns created by modern laser technology. Beaded lace is created just like other types of laces but it is additionally embellished with decorative beads for an extra luxurious look. Glitter lace is another type of lace fabric thats decorated with sparkly glitter on top of the fabric. Raschel lace is a beautiful knitted alternative to Chantilly lace that costs less than its expensive French counterpart. Raschel lace is also very versatile and it can range significantly in appearance and weight depending on the particular brand and type of lace. Ribbon lace is a relatively new trend in the wedding dress industry that uses ribbons to create the lace pattern.