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When it comes to weddings, no two are the same, just as no two couples are the same. When planning the wedding, every bride and groom have their own set of priorities: for some, the price of the wedding is number one on the list of priorities, for others, its the scale and grandeur of the event. Even if youre not planning to have a huge and expensive wedding, you still might want to wear the best luxurious designer wedding dress you can afford. Here at Devotion Dresses, we have plenty of wedding dress options both for brides who want to buy an affordable wedding dress and for women who are looking for a luxurious designer bridal gown or an expensive wedding dress custom-made from the best fabrics and decor.

Why are wedding dresses expensive?

There are a lot of things that contribute towards the cost of a wedding dress. One of these factors is the designer or brand who created the wedding gown. Just like with clothes that you wear every day, with wedding dresses, there are mass-market brands or unknown designers that create affordable wedding dresses, there are designers who are known in the whole world for their wedding dresses that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and theres everything in between. Another factor that has a huge impact on the price of a wedding dress is the material it is made from - synthetic materials like polyester and tulle are very cheap, so dresses made from them will often be quite affordable. At the same time, wedding dresses made from natural or handmade materials like silk or lace can cost several thousands of dollars just because of the expensive material and decor.