Personal Data Protection and Security

We represent and warrant that all personal data that you provide to us are confidential and as such will be used only in connection with the performance of the agreement entered into between you and us and for our marketing purposes (including marketing activities performed on our behalf by third parties). The personal data will not be published or disclosed to third parties, with the exception of cases where such disclosure is necessary to ship products you order to you and to process payments for the ordered product (name, account number, shipping address) and for our marketing purposes.

In handling the personal data, the personal data disclosed willingly by you for the purposes of placing the order and marketing are collected, processed and stored by us in compliance with the applicable laws.

You hereby consent to us collecting and processing the personal data disclosed in the order you submitted though our Website (as defined in the Terms) or otherwise (including photos disclosed to us on Facebook or otherwise) for the purpose of fulfilling your order(s) and for our marketing purposes; this consent is granted until revoked by you in writing by sending a notice of revocation to us at the following address: Politických vězňů 911/8, 11000 Prague, Czech Republic or submitting the notice by e-mail to the following address: info@devotiondresses.com

In case of warranty claims you will need to provide your full name, address, telephone number and signature (digital signature). Such disclosed personal data are processed exclusively for the purposes of handling the claim and in compliance with applicable laws.

In some countries, you are entitled to access and edit your personal data and to request explanations and the removal of mistakes as well as to exercise other related statutory rights.

In obtaining the consent to personal data processing, we may use cookies in compliance with Directive 95/46/EC (Cookie Directive) in order to make the provision of information services easier. We will make you aware of the data and information stored in your end devices, if any. You may prevent cookies from being stored in your end devices, for instance, by running the anonymous browsing function.

We reserve the right to reject an order placed from a blocked IP address or an IP address listed on a blacklist. Please contact us in case you experience problems with placing an order.