Fabric Guide

  • Satin

    High luster material that is delicate to the touch, satin is a versatile fabric that has been around since the middle ages, and helps to amplify your natural bridal glow.
  • Silk

    Sheen and sleek, thanks to its naturally-spun origin, the soft texture is non-slippery unlike other synthetic fabrics. A timeless symbol of elegance, a silk gown lets you dance the night away without a care in the world.
  • Organza

    Thin and sheer, the weightless texture of this fabric makes it perfect for adding a plethora of flawless decor or covering your gown with a delicate overlay.
  • Tulle

    Lightweight and fine, this expertly-netted fabric is the backbone of every flawless wedding gown, whether it is used to make a puffy skirt or an exquisite lacy look, the possibilities are endless.
  • Chiffon

    Plain-woven and with different degrees of sheer, chiffon is a versatile bridal fabric that creates that flowy look as you make your way down the aisle. Thanks to its expert layering abilities, this fabric is perfect for Greek-style gowns.
  • Taffeta

    A high-end fabric known for expertly holding its shape, taffeta is a great way to add an edge to your look and channel that sought-after royal look in the present day.
  • Lace Spanish

    Originally used in veils, this type of lace accompanied Spanish women to many celebrations, thanks to the richly-decorated hem and overall exquisite look, it is perfect for adding a little something-something to every gown.
  • Lace Richelieu

    Embroidered and pretty, this type of lace is perfect for hems and lace inserts. With its origins in France, it really gives off that Marie Antoinette vibe.
  • Viscose

    Fiber plant derived, this slinky and comfortable fabric is perfect for lining as it provides a breathable base to make your gown not only breath-taking, but also comfortable.
  • Cotton

    Comfortable and versatile, this expertly spun fabric from a natural origin is not only breathable, but also happens to be the perfect medium for a wide variety of exquisite wedding pieces.
  • Polyester

    Versatile and often blended with other fabrics, this fabric is not only durable, but also provides endless possibilities in the world of dress-making. Whether used as lining or as an element of decor, it’s there to make you look stunning.
  • Guipure

    More thread less mesh is what makes this particular type of lace perfect for a statement overlay to complete your overall breath-taking look. The thicker thread leaves room for pattern and a fine finishing touch.
  • Mesh

    Sheer and weightless, this loosely-knit fabric serves as the perfect base for embellished decor as well or as a weightless overlay to complete your flawless look.
  • Lace

    A bridal classic since the dawn of time, this versatile fabric is perfect on its own or to top off your gown to fill it with an unbeatable chic.
  • Lace Chantilly

    With its origin in 17th century Belgium, the most identifiable feature of this type of lace is the unique cordonnet border surrounding the pattern, making this lace perfect for trims as well as lace inserts.
  • Velour

    This fabric combines the richness of texture of velvet and makes it more versatile thanks to its stretchy properties. Perfect for adding additional chic as well as making your look stand out.
  • Jacquard

    Woven rather than printed, the relief structure of this knit fabric makes it a perfect backbone of a statement gown as well as durability of shape and design.
  • Satin lace

    Delicate and versatile, this fabric is perfect for lace embellishments and overlays to add an elegant finishing touch to your flawless look.
  • Velvet lace

    Shiny and chic, thanks to the unique properties of this fabric the combination of bridal elegance and royal glow are combined to create a piece of breath-taking style.
  • Lace with fabric elements

    Unique and exquisite, this fabric is perfect for topping off your look in the most stylish of ways. Enchanting decor combined with a staple element won’t go unnoticed.
  • Plisse tulle

    Princess vibes and twirls, this sturdy yet lightweight fabric accommodates the plisse technique better than anything else. Whether complementing a puffy skirt or adding some statement decor, this fabric is just the ticket.
  • Elastane

    Expertly put together and a perfect staple piece to any wedding gown, knit is a perfect way to be warm and snug as well as stylish at the same time.
  • Macramé lace

    Tie the knot and tie the lace, the unique technique of assembling knots to create an exquisite pattern makes this type of lace perfect for a statement overlay to top off your wedding gown.
  • Crepe fabric

    Crisp and crimpled, this exquisite fabric is perfect for adding a staple decor to your flawless wedding gown. Thanks to its unique texture and durability, you won’t have to worry about anything but your dancing.
  • Angora wool

    A fabric with the addition of rabbit wool or goat hair, it has excellent thermal insulation properties and is known for its exceptional softness.
  • Wool blend guipure

    A fabric with lace elements, made of both synthetic fibers as well as natural wool fabrics, which makes the lace denser.
  • Wool lace

    A lace fabric consisting of both synthetic fibers, as well as natural wool, which makes the lace denser.
  • Cashmere

    A thick fabric, which consists of cashmere goat hair. It is very soft and has excellent thermal insulation properties.
  • Llama wool

    A thick fabric, which consists of llama wool. It has excellent thermal insulation properties.
  • Nylon

    A synthetic fabric made from polyamide fibers. Smooth fibers create a silk-like shine. It is valued for its practicality and durability.
  • Mesh with sequins

    Synthetic mesh fabric with sequin embroidery.
  • Tulle with glitter

    A lightweight mesh fabric, with small decorative glitters, applied in a special way on top, which makes the fabric shine.
  • Mesh with glitter

    Synthetic mesh fabric with small decorative glitters applied in a special way on top, which makes the fabric shine.
  • Satin Mikado

    A dense and at the same time very lightweight fabric with a moderate luster. It keeps its shape perfectly due to the interweaving of cotton and silk threads. Thanks to its properties, it is perfect for wedding and evening dresses.
  • Lace with beads

    Lace fabric with bead embroidery, which gives the fabric a luxurious look.
  • Lace with imitation pearl

    Lace fabric with imitation pearl embroidery, which gives the fabric a luxurious look.
  • Lace with sequins

    Lace fabric with sequin embroidery.
  • Cotton+Viscose

  • Cotton+Satin

  • Satin+Viscose

  • Satin+Cotton

  • Polyester+Cotton

  • Polyester+Viscose

  • Mesh+Satin

  • Mesh+Viscose

  • Satin+Crepe fabric

  • Viscose+Mesh

  • Taffeta+Tulle

  • Lace with glitter